International Symposium
„Protein Trafficking in Health and Disease“

Every second year the RTG1459 hosted the international symposium „Protein Trafficking on Health and Disease“ for approximately 160 PhD students and young Postdocs from all over Europe/the world. The graduate students of the RTG were strongly involved in the organization of the symposium’s 3-day-program – from invitation of speakers and production of an abstract booklet production to fund raising and advertisement design. Outstanding international scientists presented their data on topics like the Golgi apparatus, vesicular transport, endocytosis, endosomes, lysosomes and infection. Young scientists had the opportunity to present their research projects in selected oral presentations or poster sessions, communicate with each other, discuss technical problems, and find collaboration partners at this international symposium.

The 4th International Symposium took place in Hamburg from June 7th – 9th 2017 and was the final Symposium organized by the RTG1459.

Former Symposia „Protein Trafficking in Health and Disease“

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